Lisa di Liberto is a visual artist living in New York City. After studying drawing and sculpture at the Art Students League, she continued her studies at SUNY Purchase with John Cohen and Leonard Stokes. She earned a BFA with a concentration in photography having also studied under Jan Groover and Jed Devine. 


As an artist, she draws inspiration from that which surrounds her. Lisa’s photographs capture a moment in time articulated by the architecture of space creating shapes, reflections, colors and textures. Her drawings are about the relationship of lines defining depth of field, light, shadows and the relationship of the space they exist in.


Salvaged materials for use in her collages represent artifacts of value in the weight of colors and textures mindfully placed. This often brings Lisa back to her seven year old self when she dreamed of becoming an archeologist wishing she might discover the next Egyptian amulet. 


Lisa is currently working on a series of weavings to reduce her carbon footprint by using non-biodegradable materials. This is an ongoing series with the goal of ending it as she consumes less and refills more. Rather than send these materials to the landfill, she has woven them into objects of beauty. 


While each concept calls for specific elements, through that difference there is a similarity as a whole.

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